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About the Project

Welcome to this digital territory that articulates life stories and embodied perspectives of women who work in cleaning apps in some countries of Abya Yala. Domestic Code seeks to rethink the idea of connectivity given by an algorithm built on hegemonic parameters. The proposal is to give visibility to the particularities that unite these paid domestic workers beyond the apps, their livelihood or skin color.

It is a space to question the hegemonic reading inscribed in the skin of the bodies that carry out domestic work. It is a proposal that connects racialized women from other places and weaves the untold narratives of digital platforms. We position ourselves against the automation of work, fatigue and exploitation, the dehumanization of capitalism. Here we revalue oral history as a possibility of weaving from voice, memory, body and skin (in the flesh).


The life stories of four women workers of digital platforms from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the United States are woven. These stories are close to each other because we know that care work keeps the world moving and makes our lives possible. This is how we want to embroider this proximity, based on this intimacy, resistance and everyday life.

Work Ethic

These stories have been built together with the compañeras workers of cleaning apps in different territories of Abya Yala. Jessi, Giselle, Paola and Roxy have been immersed in the entire creative, graphic and editorial process of the project, deciding how they want to be represented. Each story has been graphically translated by illustrators and visual artists from the same countries where the workers live.

Feminist Bet

Oral history is a counter-reading of the capitalist, patriarchal and colonial system. Domestic Code it is a bet of weaving knowledge in the flesh. The entire work team is made up of women and dissidents: illustrator, graphic designers, editors, readers, transcribers, translators, diagrammers, researchers, communicators; all women workers!

Life Stories

Here are short extracts of the life stories of women workers. Fragments of their stories are present in different formats: podcasts, illustrations, and texts. Pieces that, when assembled, delve a little deeper into their experiences working in cleaning apps, but which continue to be just small brushstrokes of their lives.

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Código Doméstico in the flesh. Relatos de trabajadoras en apps de limpieza

Agosto 2022

Este texto recoge las historias de vida de cuatro trabajadoras en apps de limpieza en distintos países de nuestro continente ancestralmente llamado Abya Yala. El recorrido por el proceso de investigación, las metodologías colaborativas y los debates teóricos ha permitido generar esta investigación militante. Este, sobre todo, es un espacio para posicionar las demandas que tienen estas trabajadoras de plataformas digitales frente a las apps de limpieza que cada día aumentan en nuestros países.

Domestic Code in the flesh. Stories of workers in cleaning apps

August 2022

This text gathers the life stories of four workers in cleaning apps in different countries of our continent ancestrally called Abya Yala. The journey through the research process, collaborative methodologies and theoretical debates has allowed us to generate this militant research. This, above all, is a space to position the demands that these digital platform workers have against the cleaning apps that are increasing every day in our countries.

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Código Doméstico em carne e osso. Histórias de trabalhadores em aplicações de limpeza

Agosto 2022

Este texto recolhe as histórias de vida de quatro trabalhadoras em aplicações de limpeza em diferentes países do nosso continente, ancestralmente chamadas Abya Yala. A viagem através do processo de investigação, metodologias colaborativas e debates teóricos permitiu-nos gerar esta investigação militante. Isto, acima de tudo, é um espaço para posicionar as exigências que estes trabalhadores de plataformas digitais têm perante as aplicações de limpeza que estão a aumentar todos os dias nos nossos países.



Investigadora y activista feminista. Co-fundadora del Observatorio de Plataformas y autora del proyecto Código Doméstico in the flesh.
Priscila Barbosa
Artista visual, muralista e ilustradora brasileña. Ella retrató a Jessi y su historia trabajando en Mary Help.
IG: @priii_barbosa

Day Cuervo
Ilustradora mexicana, madre feminista. Ella retrató a Giselle y su historia trabajando en Aliadas.
IG: @daycuervo

Sara Agustina
Ilustradore y pintore no binarie colombiane. Elle retrató a Paola y su historia trabajando en Hogaru.
IG: @saraagustina

Marisol Rivera
Ilustradora y diseñadora gráfica mexicana. Ella retrató a Roxy y su historia trabajando en Jan-Pro.
IG: @mar___rivera

Melissa Mejia
Ilustradora y diseñadora feminista ecuatoriana. Ella creó la ilustración marco del proyecto.
IG: @mejialarcon
Daniela Mejia
Elizabeth Mosquera
Fanny Moreta
Maga Marega
Andrea Carrillo Andrade
Erika Botteri
Celina Lagrutta

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